My office prioritizes assisting constituents with state related matters. I also enjoy recognizing constituents for significant achievements. Please review the resources below. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, just contact my office.


Help with a State Agency

Need help contacting or solving a problem with a state agency? Contact my office for assistance.

House Recognitions

If there is a significant milestone in your or a family member’s life, such as obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout, anniversaries, retirements, or sporting championships, please let me know so we can recognize your achievement with an official House of Delegates certificate. Click here to get started.

Resource Center

Check your voter registration status.

Track legislation during the General Assembly session. 

Become a Notary Public.

Apply to serve the Commonwealth on a Governor Appointed Board or Commission.

Contact the Department of Health’s Division of Vital Records for important documents such as birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates.

Request a flag be flown over the Capitol for a significant event.

Arrange a tour of the Commonwealth’s Capitol. 

Student Corner

My office has internship positions available for high school and college students. These positions allow students and young adults an opportunity to learn more about politics and campaigning by giving them a hands on experience. Contact my office about availability.

The Page Program is an extraordinary opportunity for students (ages 13-14) to participate in the General Assembly session. Each year the Speaker of the House appoints young people from across the Commonwealth to serve in the House as pages to assist members of the House of Delegates, the House Clerk’s staff, and legislative staff in the daily duties required for a successful session. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact my office.

The 66th District includes the city of Colonial Heights and twelve precincts in Southern and Western Chesterfield.

Not sure if you live in the 66th District? Click here to find out.

Voting Precincts


Contact Chesterfield’s General Registrar for questions on your voter registration status. 

Beach: Second Branch Baptist Church, 12217 Second Branch Road, 23838

Birkdale: Spring Run Elementary School, 13901 Spring Run Road, 23112

Carver: Carver Middle School, 3800 Cougar Trail, 23831

Cosby: Cosby High School, 14300 Fox Club Parkway, 23112

Ecoff: Ecoff Elementary School, 5200 Ecoff Avenue, 23831

Harrowgate: Harrowgate Elementary School, 15501 Harrowgate Road, 23831

Iron Bridge: Chesterfield Community High School, 12400 Branders Bridge Road, 23831

Nash: Iron Bridge Baptist Church, 10900 Iron Bridge Road, 23831

South Chester: Chester United Methodist Church, 12132 Percival Street, 23831

Wells: Wells Elementary School, 13101 S. Chester Road, 23831

Winfrees Store: Phillips Volunteer Fire Department, 10630 River Road, 23838

Winterpock: Bethia United Methodist Church, 10700 Winterpock Road, 23838

Colonial Heights: 

Contact Colonial Height’s General Registrar for questions on your voter registration status.

Precinct 1: Community Building, 157 Roanoke Ave.

Precinct 2: Colonial Heights Middle School, 500 Conduit Rd. 

Precinct 3: Lakeview Elementary School, 401 Taswell Ave. 

Precinct 4: Colonial Heights High School Technical Center, 3451 Conduit Rd. 

Precinct 5: Tussing Elementary School, 5501 Conduit Rd.