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Mayor Greg Kochuba, Mayor of Colonial Heights

“I know Kirk. He is a strong leader in Richmond for our schools. Kirk helped secure grants for Colonial Heights schools to place resource officers in all five schools and enhance security features, like buzz-in systems, that keep our children safe. No one is more in-tune with our community than Kirk Cox.”

Dr. Gary Farley, Optometrist & Colonial Heights Resident

“I know Kirk. He’s one of my patients and a long-time friend. Though he wears glasses for his eyesight, he has a 20/20 vision for our district”

David Ilori, Chester Resident

“I know Kirk. We serve together as deacons at our church. He’s an honest man who is working hard in Richmond to get results for our district. I know he’s the right person for the job.”

Kevin Napier, Colonial Heights ‘14 & Longwood ‘18

“I know Kirk, and have known him for as long as I can remember. Delegate Cox is working hard to cap the cost of college in Virginia to make it more attainable for young people. As a member of the National Guard, I admire Delegate Cox for his support of our active duty military personnel, our veterans, and their families.”

Barry Moore, Chesterfield Resident

I know Kirk. He understands that business, not government, creates jobs. He’s fighting to reduce government regulations so that businesses can grow and expand in the 66th district.”

Whit Spivey, Colonial Heights ‘15, Virginia Tech ‘19

“I know Kirk as a true leader. He is working hard to make college more affordable and to strengthen our economy so millennials like myself can find work after graduation.”

Omarh Rajah, Former Chesterfield School Board Member

“I know Kirk as a mentor, teacher, and close friend of my family. Kirk helped make history by supporting me as the first African American to win a seat on the Chesterfield County School Board. He’s the type of person that believes in diversity and promoting the goodwill of Chesterfield County citizens.”

Debbie Bailey, Chesterfield County Teacher

“I know Kirk as someone who sees potential in all. With Kirk’s help, my daughter was able to take her live-in aide with her for an out-of-state educational summer program. Kirk continuously fights for increased funding for Virginians with disabilities. His concern for the ‘least among us’ speaks volumes to his character.”

Susan & Jim Kalanges, Chester Residents

“In addition to the wonderful work Kirk has done on so many issues for Virginia, we Know Kirk as a fighter on behalf of Virginians with disabilities. Kirk’s support of all Virginians has made a difference in our daughter’s life. As our Delegate, Kirk has listened to our concerns and worked tirelessly to make life simpler for those with disabilities.”

Gary D. Metzinger, Colonel, USAF Retired

“I know Kirk as a strong supporter of veterans. Because of Kirk, Sitter & Barfoot Veterans Care Center was constructed, and two more new care centers are on the way to help our state’s veterans.He always has an open ear when it comes to finding ways to help our veteran population. As a veteran, I’m proud to support Kirk because he supports our veterans and active duty military. Kirk’s actions on behalf of veterans are beneficial not only to the 66th district, but to our entire Commonwealth.”

Bob Dunn, Retired Virginia Community & Environmental Affairs Manager for DuPont

“I know Kirk as a conservationist and a defender of our environment. He served as chairman of the powerful House Committee on Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources for 5 years. He has passed measures to improve the quality and increase the availability of water in our area and is monitoring the coal ash station in Chesterfield. He will continue to fight to increase land conservation and protect natural resources in Virginia, so that future generations can enjoy the outdoor beauty that our Commonwealth has to offer.”

Al Pianalto, Col USAF, Ret

“I know Kirk. Whenever I hear his name, three things come to mind: a dedicated family man, a leader in his church, and a strong supporter of veterans. Kirk has successfully spearheaded over 120 pieces of veterans’ legislation through the General Assembly. No other member of the General Assembly has done more for veterans. Thanks to Kirk’s leadership, Virginia has one of the finest war memorials in the nation, Sitter & Barfoot Veterans Care Center, two new veterans care centers on the way, and many programs supporting workforce training and education for veterans and their families.”

Clestelle Green, Lifelong Colonial Heights Resident & SYC Manager

I know Kirk, he's a great supporter of our local swim teams. Our children swam on Swim & Yacht Club's Blue Barracudas together for many years. Kirk still attends our end-of-the-year banquet to recognize our swimmers with certificates. Kirk's enthusiasm and support for our children goes a long way in making them feel special."

Greg Bergeret, Chesterfield Resident

"I know Kirk, he's responsive and active in our community. For as long as I've known Kirk, over 20 years now, he's always provided my civic organization with an end-of-session update at one of our meetings. Kirk listens when you talk to him and uses his experience to help find solutions to problems facing his constituents. Kirk's got my vote on November 7th."

Pat Blaszak, Former Colonial Heights Teacher

“I know Kirk as a genuine member of our community. I taught Kirk and Julie at Colonial Heights High School and worked with both of their mothers. I’ve seen him grow up and raise a family here in the district. I know his mother would be proud of the leader he’s become. Kirk is dedicated to governing in a responsible, conservative manner and seeking to always do what is best for Virginia families.

Margo Underwood, Chesterfield County Teacher

“I know Kirk as a friend, coworker, and leader. Kirk has worked hard to provide teachers three pay raises in the last five years and to increase funding for public schools. He’s worked to make sure that state dollars are spent in the classroom where they directly impact our children. Kirk opens his office to organize my annual trip to the Capitol as well as stopping by to speak to my students. Our district has no better supporter of education than Kirk.”

Tina West, Homeschool Educator

“I know Kirk as someone who understands that each child learns differently. Kirk spoke to my homeschool class and consistently supports educational choice in the General Assembly.”

Randy Hahn, Senior Pastor, The Heights Baptist Church

“I know Kirk. He is kind, honest, strategic, and faithful. I have seen these things over and over as his pastor for the last 15 years. He is true to what he is and what he believes in. Politics means we often only see platforms--and while platforms are important--Kirk is more than a platform.  He is the kind of person we need serving the Commonwealth.”

Laura Steele, Lifelong Colonial Heights Resident

“I know Kirk. He and Julie are well-respected members of our community. He is a servant-leader who always places the needs of the 66th first. Kirk gives voice to the values we hold dear. I am confident that Kirk, with his years of experience, is the right person--with the right moral compass--to represent us in the General Assembly as our state navigates the legislative issues of our generation.”

Bill Flanagan, COL USA Retired

“I know Kirk to be a hardworking family man of faith who sticks to his principles and looks out for those most in need. As Kirk's chief of staff for over two decades, I saw him go from a junior member of the minority to the House Majority Leader, all while remaining a humble servant leader. With over 40% of households in the 66th district having a veteran or active duty member living there, Kirk is the number one advocate in the General Assembly for our veterans and the military. Kirk has a big heart, and is one of the foremost champions of Virginians with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Kirk is, and will continue to be, a Delegate we can all be proud of.”

Chip McCoull, Former Chesterfield County Teacher

“I know Kirk as a regular guy who sees it as his duty to serve his community the best he can. He is a man of integrity, consistent beliefs and always has clarity of sight. Kirk & I coached basketball together at Prince George in the 80s and taught together at Manchester in the 90s. Throughout the years I’ve known him, he has remained the same guy.”

Ann Kretsinger, Retired Teacher

“I know Kirk as a respected teacher who is passionate about educating future generations. It was a joy working with Kirk at Manchester! We can trust Kirk to look out for our teachers and students in the General Assembly. Kirk has worked to reduce the number of SOLs our students take so that teachers don’t have to ‘teach the test’.”